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A clean home and an organized home typically go hand in hand.  And while you know that we love a good DIY around here, which even includes our household cleaning products, I know that homemade cleaners are not for everyone.  So for those looking to clean a little greener while leaving your home smelling fresh and invigorating at the same time, I am giving away something good.  Something real good!

The Good Home Co. not only takes great care to create unique home care and laundry products that work great and smell exceptional, but they are also committed to using cleaning surfactants that are biodegradable, vegetable based and phosphate free. 

The Good Home Co. believes that scent has the power to enrich our lives, and they use high quality fragrances and essential oils within their cleaning products.  Now, your home will not only smell naturally amazing, it will be amazingly clean!  This week, I am so lucky that I get to spoil one lucky IHeart Organizing reader with the following:

Floor Soap:  Good Home Beach Days Floor Soap is a sulfate-free floor soap that will gently clean & scent your floors.  Directions: Add two tablespoons per gallon of warm water and apply with a clean mop or sponge.  Safe for use on wood and tile flooring.  Can be used as a gentle all- purpose cleaner on cabinets and paneling.

Glass & Surface Cleaner:  Good Home Glass and Surface Cleaner can be used on almost any type of surface - including glass. It is made from all natural, biodegradable, vegetable based surfactants which are extremely gentle to use in your home, but also very good at cleaning. As you spray you will enjoy our light pleasing fragrance and no chemical smells.

Vacuum Beads:  Good Home proprietary Vacuum Beads® make vacuuming a pleasure.  Simply place 25 beads (about a small handful) in the vacuum bag or canister and vacuum away.  Not only will you be cleaning your home, but you will be releasing a fabulous fragrance in the air as well.  Will not harm carpets or leave behind dust residue like vacuum powders. Beads are strongly scented and will last until your bag or canister is full.

Dish Soap:  Good Home Beach Days Dish Soap is made from all natural, biodegradable, vegetable based surfactants. Not only is it gentle on the hands, but works hard at cleaning dishes.

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