Two Craft Store Storage Boxes - Two Ways!

Head to your favorite home goods store and you are sure to spot a variety of beautiful storage boxes.  Head to my abode, and you are sure to find the same.  I am a storage box addict.  As a girl who loves to organize, I am always seeking out simple ways to reduce visual clutter while also giving specific items a place to call home.  Decorative boxes fit in almost any room or space, are versatile and are an easy solution to most small clutter problems.

So, I thought I would show you two different boxes I recently picked up from my local craft store, and share how I put them to use around our home.

Both boxes were quite simple to create and both also came in under $10.  The first was a black lacquer-esque box found on clearance for $1.99.

It was already pre-finished inside and out, which meant no painting required.  I simply removed the screws and the brass clasp, and filled the holes with some wood putty.  I then used a fine grit sandpaper to sand it smooth and a black Sharpie marker to fill in the holes.

Agate is pretty hot as of late, so I decided the box could benefit from a little agate embellishment.  The agate is actually a jewelry pendant, also found at the craft store for another $1.99 but add a 40% off coupon and the price is even better.

I used a wire snips to remove the small loop at the top of the pendant, and some super glue to adhere the agate to the front of the lid.

$3.18 later and I have a stylish place for my hubby to toss his wallet, keys and phone clutter which usually just ends up in a pile on the ledge near the front door.

Box number two was a little more pricey at $4.99.  However, because I purchased it at a later date, I was also able to use another 40% off coupon.  Sneaky sneaky.  {Hint: install the RetailMeNot app on your smart phone to always have a 40% off Michaels coupon on hand}

I selected this box because it was large enough to hold our remote control clutter.  Our remotes live on the coffee table in front of the couch, and that is where they will remain for the most part.  However, there are times when we like to pick up clutter and tuck our gadgets away.  I started by giving the box a few coats of "Wedding Cake" white craft paint, {I had both on hand in different sheens but not enough of either for the entire box so I just mixed the two}, however, any paint would do just fine.

I followed the same steps with the previous box, removing the front clasp and using wood putty to fill in the holes prior to painting.  Once the paint was dry, we found the center of the top of the box and drilled a hole for a drawer pull I planned to install on the top.

The screw of the pull was quite long, so to shorten it, I had my husband use his Dremel tool {outdoors with safety glasses of course}.

It wouldn't be a decorative box makeover without some pretty paper lining {wrapping paper adhered with double stick tape}.  

And that was it!  Now it sits on a side table at the end of our sofa!

And to say I am obsessed with the horn pull is an understatement.

The remotes fit just as I had hoped!

Total cost for this box of awesomeness was $8.99.  That means I was able to create both storage box "gems" for $12.17 by using coupons and items I had on hand.

Compared to similar agate options which come in around $75 and cleat handled versions around $35, I am happy with my easy peasy crafty high/low versions.

If you have been enjoying the high/low challenge as much as I have, there is still time to link up your projects here.

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