UHeart Organizing: Key Storage Ideas

We always say, "It is all about the little things".  So true right?  Well, today's post is literally about the little things; keys.  How many times are you about to run out the door with full hands and suddenly you stop in your tracks and wonder, "Where are my keys!?"  Casey from Pretty Organized Blog is stopping by today to share her simple key storage solutions.

Do you have trouble finding an easy spot to stash your keys, wallet, and all of the little necessities that empty from your pockets at the end of the day?  We always ended up with a pile of junk on our counter (and an endless search for keys!) until we figured out these quick solutions. Here are two different ways that we've corralled our key clutter over the years.

When it comes to storing entryway odds & ends, there are only two rules: hide the mess, and make it easy to access (aka within a few steps of the main entrance).

Idea #1: Place a bread box by the door

We used this little guy ALL the time at our old house.  It was great for the hubs, because he would always unload his wallet, keys, and any random odds and ends from his pockets at the end of the day. No matter how much stuff we packed in there, it always looked neat & clean when it was closed!

(Tip: choose a container with a lid that holds itself open. SO much easier, especially when emptying your pockets!)

Idea #2: Hide a few hooks inside your cabinet

When we moved into our new house, we noticed that we had an awkward little corner cabinet near our main entrance.  We couldn't figure out what would fit in there, until one day it dawned on us: it was the PERFECT size for keys!

A few command hooks, and everything is organized and easy to grab.  We even have space for our spare change jar!

I love that I can just shut the door (or close the lid) and everything stays hidden away -- one less mess on our kitchen counter!

How do you organize all of the small things that come through your door every day? 

"My name is Casey, and I live in a sweet, tiny little house in Delaware with my hubby & our two adorable rescue dogs. As a longtime fan of Jen's phenomenal organizing skills, I am absolutely THRILLED to be a contributor for IHeart Organizing! I used to be a total mess, but after I let go of the idea of “perfect,” I found freedom. I stopped trying to fit the mold & learned how to make organization work with my natural habits, and I have become obsessed with creative organizing solutions ever since! When I'm not drooling over the latest amazing project features over here, you can find me happily tinkering away on my own blog, Pretty Organized, where I share my addiction to aesthetics, small space storage ideas, DIY projects, and all things aqua!"

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