DIY Bracelet Display

With all of the work we have been doing on the garage lately, I have been itching to do something small.  You know, those quick and easy craft projects that give you a sense of immediate excitement and satisfaction?  The kind of project that doesn't take a ton of thought or a major hit to the pocketbook?  Well, I am celebrating and feeling that sense of organizational excitement I was seeking, because I recently whipped up the sweetest little $2 project.

Until now, my bracelets have been living in little dishes here and there.  And while it kept the clutter under control, I wasn't a fan of not knowing where my favorite bracelets were buried at any given time.  So I got crafty.

Because I was able to use many items I already had at home, I only had to spend $2 at our local craft store.  $.99 for a 7/16" dowel and $.99 for an unfinished 3"x5" round wood plaque.  Additionally I used a piece of scrap fabric, a paper towel roll, Mod Podge, wood glue, stain, a drill and saw.

I started by staining the plaque and dowel with some dark walnut stain leftover from previous projects.  Once it was dry, we drilled a hole in the center of the plaque slightly smaller than the size of the dowel.

Next, I used the Mod Podge to affix the fabric I that wrapped around the paper towel roll.  I simply tucked the excess fabric inside on each end.

Using wood glue, I placed the dowel into the base of the plaque. 

Once the glue dried, I very lightly sanded everything down and used a small craft brush to touch up stain.  {Looking back, I should have sanded the plaque prior to staining}.

Using an x-acto knife, I created a small slit into the bottom of the fabric wrapped roll to create a hole.

I then placed a dab of hot glue on the top of the dowel and attached the fabric wrapped roll onto the base.  I added a few more tiny drops of hot glue where the roll and dowel met for added stability.

All done!

And here is is all loaded up!

So for a total of $2 and a little bit of happy crafting time, I was able to create a fun new addition to my dresser! 

I am pleasantly surprised with how stable this little gem is.  Each side can hold my bracelets with no tipping or wobbling issues.

Of course, now you can expect to see me sporting wrist bangles much more frequently since I can simply see what I have each morning.  And I say cheers to upcycling paper towel rolls!

Do you love jewelry displays as much as I do?  Are you smiling big because you upcycled an everyday item for organizing or crafted up some happy storage recently?

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