DIY Paper Box Drawer Organizers and an Organized "Everything" Drawer

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!  School starts next week for us so we are doing all we can to soak in those final days of summer.

Today I have a fun and free project to share that was inspired by a messy drawer I opened this weekend.

I have grown completely understanding that organizing is an on going process and that occasionally some systems don't work out the first time.  Or the second. 

Our junk drawer never seems to stay organized.  No matter how many times I have re-organized it, it always ends up becoming a catch all for anything and everything.  That means that the items we should be storing within the drawer become lost in the shuffle.

There is only so much you can do with a junk drawer.  Half of the items I dumped out have a dedicated place to call home, they just never made it that far initially.  So lesson learned team Jones.  put stuff away where it belongs instead of tossing it in the "junk" drawer.  Problem solved.

So I did what I always do and dumped everything out, sorted, tossed and put things away where they really should go.  I even found a dollar and two gift cards!  See my friends!  There is always value in organizing!

I decided that in order to remedy the situation, I would have to add a few more organizers.  This would allow me to categorize a few more items as well as prevent the previous organizer from sliding around within the drawer.  Lastly, this time I would be adding labels so there is absolutely no confusion about what belongs within the drawer.

Once the previous organizer was empty, I added a little life by lining the bottom of the tray with decorative paper.  I have a few bins of pretty paper from my scrapbooking days, so I was able to use what I already had on hand.

Next up, I made a couple of boxes out of more sheets of scrapbook paper.  And they were so darn cute and addicting that I made a few extras for other drawers as well.

All you need is some scrap-paper and you can easily make a little box/tray for organizing or anything you wish really.  However, I did find that the stronger the paper, the stronger the box.  Go figure right?

  1. Start with a square piece of paper.
  2. Fold it down the center and then down the center again to create four equal sections.  Open the paper back up.
  3. Fold each corner into the center of the paper.
  4. Visual of progress - all corners folded in.
  5. Fold one edge to the center. 
  6. Fold opposite edge to the center.
  7. Open back up to reveal new creases and only two corners folded in at the center.
  8. Now repeat on the opposite two sides, folding each edge to the center {leaving the other two edges unfolded}
  9. Visual of progress - two edges folded in meeting at the center.
  10. Fold one edge over at the crease in paper.
  11. Push in edges of paper.
  12. Fold over edge to create one side of the box.
  13. Repeat on opposite side, folding over the edge to create the opposite side of the box.
  14. Wiggle a little bit until all edges are straight.
  15. Celebrate!  Pretty sweet huh?

Once I had some little boxes created, I popped everything back into the empty drawer.  I also added a couple of pieces of clear packing tape to the bottom of the newly created paper boxes for a little added strength.

I categorized the items I want access to on a daily basis because we actually use them within the kitchen frequently... and the added some labels to the organizers.

For the labels, I used some Martha Stewart stickers labels {found at Staples awhile back}, which I paired with my label maker and clear label maker tape.

And a full view of the after.

This view makes me giddy inside!  Maybe those sweet little flower boxes and labeled organizers will actually do the trick this time?  Or maybe I will just have to be OK with the fact that the junk drawer clean-out is an annual task.  Either way, all is right in the drawer for today.

I love anytime I can use what I have at home to whip up something pretty and functional.  You can also see how I used cereal boxes for drawer dividers here, as well as cardboard boxes paired with fabric for great storage bins here.  Now to put the rest of those sweet little paper boxes to good use in other drawers around the house. 

Have you been DIY'ing any storage big or small?  How about taking back a drawer that is always a small thorn in your side?

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