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The Jones family took a little blogging/projecting break to head south for a quick summer vacation, however, we have managed to get two cars parked in our garage again so stay tuned for more updates this week!  Pretty exciting stuff going on, and although we really needed the break, I am excited to get back into house mode.

Until we get unpacked and settled back into a routine, I am stopping in today to share a few other ways to catch up on iHeart Organizing happenings. 

As many of you know, not only do I write at this place I call home, I also contribute over at Better Homes and Garden's Style Spotter's Blog.  Contributing for them has always felt like such a privilege; I really love working with them and being part of their wonderful blog.

Shelving in general is a great solution for storing an endless variety of items, but industrial options offer even more flexibility with the endless ways they can be customized.  Plus, they are rustic and beautiful to look at!  Check out the post: Organize With This: Industrial Shelving

Our furry friends come with a lot of supplies!  Leashes, grooming care and vet papers, oh my!  Check out the post: Organize This: Pet Supplies

Although it is crazy for me to type this out, it is already time to start thinking about heading back to school!  Last week I shared my favorite tips for setting up an organized study space for teens.  Check out the post: Organize This: Back To School Teen Study Space

My friend, Michaela, is beautiful and brilliant and extremely driven to do fantastic things.  She recently launched the amazing Bloom workshop with her dear friend, Ashley.  As part of the first workshop, she invited me to participate in a Design Do's and Don'ts discussion, which you can read right here.  I am crossing my fingers I will be able to attend this workshop in the future; it looks like such a great and inspirational time!

Monica Wang Photography 

Last month I was honored to be included in Cache Valley Family Magazine's roundup of summer goal setting tips!  If school is about to start up again in your area, it might be a great post to bookmark for next summer.

And something that I am still pinching myself about and loving on a daily basis, is becoming a contributor to The Daily Mom App!

Fueled by reliable content from reputable sources, the app makes it fast and easy to stay up to speed with the day’s news and lifestyle trends.  This is the first news app tailored for women and is widely known as the best way to streamline screen time because of its efficient design and worthy-of-your-time stories.  I love that it also includes weather, jokes and a calendar countdown page!  Definitely fun and worth checking out!

Totally nerdy of me, but I may have been a giant cup of glee when I spotted that THE Tori Spelling {and fellow bloggerpinned a few of our projects on Pinterest.  I am not sure who was more excited, me or my husband...

I am up on cloud nine and have no intentions of coming down any time soon.  I try to stay calm about seeing our little ideas in the pages of our favorite glossy reads, but really, we know that doesn't happen.  Wine, celebrations and permagrins galore because we were in the August issue of Parents Magazine!!

And as a reminder, this year in September I will hit 5 full years of blogging at this little place I call home.  OK, I didn't say that with enough gumption.  5 YEARS PEOPLE!

I get asked a lot of questions about blogging in general, everything from photography questions to posting schedules to staying on Blogger or migrating to Wordpress.  I thought it would be fun to do a small series over the next few months, about what I have learned during my five years of blogging and share some of the tips and answers to your frequently asked questions.  A few topics I thought I would cover are:  A day in the life, photography {and maybe instagram photos as well}, social media, pros and cons and thoughts on monetizing.  If you have any other questions or topics you would like to see addressed, feel free to pop them in the comments below.  I also think it would be fun to get a few extra opinions from other seasoned bloggers as well, so stay tuned for that series coming soon.

And although I can't possibly help every reader personally with organizing advice, I would love to answer some general organizing dilema's in future You Asked, IHeart Answering blog posts.  Feel free to leave those questions below in the comments, or pop them over to me via email to iheartorganizing@gmail.com with IHEART ANSWERING in the subject line.

Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to everyone who supports me and iHeart Organizing each day, sponsors and readers both.  Always know that I never take a moment of what I do for granted, and that I couldn't love it more.  Find last months sponsors below, all amazing companies that I love and support right back.  Cheers to five more years of organizing fun!

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