New Clutch Preview

Hello, everyone! First I must say, please excuse the new blog layout. We have hired Sarah of Sadie Olive to redo our blog and it will hopefully be done at the end of July. I am so so so excited about it! Until then I am playing around with some templates because I really want to be able to upload larger photos. I am still messing around with this so please forgive me. I think earlier today airplanes were showing up on the sidebars and I most definitely was not going for that look. Haha!

Here is a little sneak preview of some of the new clutches my sister, Jamie, is working on that we will debut when we reopen our shop in August. I will show you some better photos later that include pictures of the lining (which might be my favorite part - they are lined with beautiful fabric that adds a fun little punch!) Anyway, the first one is a bridal clutch that is basically finished and the second one is a clutch that could have multiple uses that is still being tweaked (we are playing around with different flower options and sizing of the flower, etc). I am so excited about them! I especially LOVE the large ruffle at the top of the bridal clutch!

This one is made from Marshmellow Cream Silk Dupioni

And this one is made from a linen colored muslin

She also sent me a few adorable pics of Lillian from when we were up in NH a couple of weeks ago. This first one completely sums up Lillie. I have her dressed up in fancy shoes (from Joyfolie) and a big lace hair clip (we had just finished shooting the Audrey Hepburn tutu) and all she wanted to do was run around and play basketball with the boys!
Helping make some hot fudge sauce.....mmmmm, was it good!
Trying on Moosie's glasses

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