Count Me In!

Don't you just love when something that seems negative, turns into a positive?  Who doesn't right?

So imagine my excitement when my toaster broke the other day!  I was so giddy, I am sure it was known for miles around.   OK, so maybe not quite.  Actually, I was almost in tears and spending hours researching new toasters online, when I thought I was no longer going to be able to enjoy a morning bagel, waffle or peanut butter toast!

But before I knew it, a positive came out of the situation.  I removed the toaster from my counter... and then....

That was it!  Life was instantly better!  How you ask?!  I will explain.

You see, we have an itty bitty kitchen space.  I have done some things around the joint to make updates to the colors and organize like crazy, to keep it looking more open and fresh, but I thought I had hit a little bit of a speed bump when it came to de-cluttering my counters.

I use just about everything on the counters... and the things I don't use daily, I just heart so much, I couldn't imaging the space without them....

But when my toaster went on the fritz, and I removed it from the counter, I was IN LOVE and AWE of the new found space.  I didn't want to put another toaster back in it's place.  And then the big ol' light went on, I just love when that happens!  I have a gigantic rotisserie machine taking up mega counter real estate, that I have NO other place to store at the moment due to it's tremendous size.  And, since it must stay out, we find ourselves using it as frequently as possible.  The best part about that machine is that it also doubles as a toaster oven, which I totally forgot because I always just used my toaster!  BINGO!  No need for double appliances that do the same thing!  Such exciting news!

So, now that I am toaster-less, I couldn't wait to take advantage of my new cleared off space, which eventually just led to a major counter cleanup!

I started by reusing an extra magazine file I had from my home office makeover {you may remember the stylish white beauty from this pic}

It sat empty, so it has since been moved to corral all necessary counter top goods:

Inside you will find all sorts of awesome kitchen necessities, such as dishtowels, dish soap {goodbye oil decanter}, counter cleaning spray and hand soap!

Who knew that something so functional for an office space, could be equally as functional in the kitchen?!

And it sits right next to the kitchen sink, making my daily chores a quick and easy breeze and everything within arms reach!  IHeart it!

At the sink I also added a little plastic floral bowl, to hold our dish scrubber, again, keeping only necessities out and about!

And on the other side of our stove, I have moved our coffee station, to a new location, and used the space next to the stove to house our favorite cookbooks.

I topped the stack with a free floral arrangement courtesy of our hosta plant out back!

The coffee station actually is now tucked between our fridge and pantry cabinet, which at one time held kid's paperwork binders {which have now been relocated to our craft closet}.

Before and After:

Although not overly cluttered looking before, the paperwork really didn't need to be where it was.  It was more for storing and revisiting later, which is why it was moved to the craft closet to make room for the coffee machine and mugs.  Which couldn't have fit better!

I also removed EVERYTHING off of the fridge, including the not visible side!  That made me happiest of all!

And made sure to clean up our garage entry area by filing papers and hanging up coats and backpacks back in their original homes.

And of course, none of this would have been possible if I wasn't able to move some of my most favorite belongings, to my new shelf system on the other side of the room!

Aren't those free flowers from my shrub out front, just amazing?

OK, sorry for the A.D.D.  It's probably frequently evident in my writing...

And I was done with the counter overhaul!  All because of a little broken toaster!  Taking the counter from:


In about 15 minutes!  Wahoo!

Side by sides help sometime, especially when small changes are made!

{Notice fewer accessories on the counter, none in the window or on the stove... those small changes sure makes the space feel twice as big!}

Your turn!  Any mishaps turn into happiness?  Anyone got a spare 15 minutes that I can "count you in" for a quick counter revamp?  How about any other 15 minute organizing projects going on?  I would heart to hear!

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