July Featured Space: Bathroom - Shelftacular Part 2

I am back to share another spectacular shelf within our same master bathroom space.  If you recall, I chatted earlier this week about the wonderfulness that is my perfume shelf.  I just adore it's simplicity, ability to keep my sents safe and that it just down right opened up the space A TON!

But more magic is happening across the way, by form of another shelving unit.  However, this one is a little larger, holds some hand towels and has extra storage to boot!

Can anyone guess what I did to make it just perfect for the space?  Anyone?  Bueller?

How about a closeup...

Anyone notice a little magic happening on the back side of the shelving unit?

When I purchased it, it looked a little like this stock photo:

Cute right?  But I wanted to give it a little more of a show stopping wow factor.  Which is why I added some scrap wallpaper to the back panel to create a subtle yet awesome end result in the matter of seconds, literally! 

Of course the matching turquoise blue Q-Tips don't hurt this photo either, making an accessory out of function!

The other slots hold cotton balls:

And a sugar dish?

Yep, I am definitely always one to put things to use in places they may not have been originally meant for!  But hey, the cheapo white container was perfect in the space for...

Holding round cotton pads!  Who knew?!

So there you have it!  Another super easy and fantastical shelf idea... a little decorative paper really can go a long way!

Anyone have similar stories to share?  What are you covering the backs of your bookcases with lately?  Or lining drawers with?  Or covering soup cans with?  Please inspire me!

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