IHeart: OfficeMax DiVOGA & a GIVEAWAY!

You know I am a sucker for pretty office supplies.  Even if you are a first time visitor, you probably realized that right away.  Something about them makes me weak at the knees....

OfficeMax recently released a lovely new line of desk accessories that are sure to make you weak at the knees as well!  Introducing the DiVOGA line!

From file folders to coordinating desktop organizers, DiVOGA offers great solutions to help create a contemporary, clutter-free, swoon worthy workspace!

Whether you are looking to organize receipts and bills at home or need to tidy up those business documents at work; stylish office accessories will make the organizing process fun and rewarding!

Today, OfficeMax is stopping by to offer up two complete DiVOGA office desk sets, valued at $95 each!  So stinkin' kind of them!

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Good luck my fab office supply lovin' friends!

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