A Little Jewelry Holder for the Bathroom

I've been planning on making something for my necklaces for ages now, and just finally got around to actually making it earlier this week. Once I got it finished and hung in our bathroom I quickly remembered why I have only ever photographed our master bathroom once and it was almost two and a half years ago!  We have zero natural light in there (not a single window of any kind - ugh!) and it's pretty cramped so it is nearly impossible to get decent shots in there. I have a feeling I won't be ever photographing anything in there again. =) Anyway, for now I thought I would show you the jewelry holder in it's new home and then as soon as I have time I will get the tutorial for it written.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Lillie was a farmer and Lola was a pig. Lola refused to wear her big hat, though, so it's kind of hard to tell. Unfortunately,  I didn't get any good photos but here they are at the Shaver's house after they had finished Trick-or-Treating. 

Also we have restocked several items including our 12 by 20 silent night pillows:

 Happy November!

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