UHeart Organizing: A Little Love for Laundry

I literally drool every single time I see Ashli's laundry room.  It is so clean, simple, well thought out and ORGANIZED!  And what I love most, is that it isn't a huge space!  It is a spot that anyone can take tips from, whether you have a large room or an itty bitty closet.  She has mastered laundry room organization and is here today to share some of her tips!

I'm so excited to be back on iHeart Organizing! This time around I decided that our catch all of a laundry room needed an overhaul!

We recently added some special touches to our teeny tiny laundry room, a counter on top of our front loading machines, and a bar for hanging wet laundry.

Now it was time to get down to the details. First I added a tray {from Ikea}. Next I decanted our detergent into some old milk bottles. You can still buy milk in glass bottles, and they are way less expensive than other glass container, plus you get a bunch of free milk!! ;)

I used another container for vinegar {we use vinegar as a natural fabric softener}. I added a spray bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide. We've always used Hydrogen Peroxide as a stain remover and it works really well.

And every laundry room needs a piggy bank. I have no idea why but husbands tend to carry tons of change, our last piggy bank full bought me a new pair of heels for New Years Eve! ;)

Next I moved on to organizing our one and only laundry cabinet. First I added a pocket from Martha Stewart's line at Staples. I keep the manuals for our washer and dryer inside, and in front I keep a stain removal chart {found here}.

On to the cabinet itself. I pared it down to the bare necessities, some borax, washing soda, our hardwood floor cleaner, some bar mops, a couple of baskets for the ugly {things like shoe polish, suede cleaner, etc}. Of course, the iron!

Pretty simple, but very functional. I LOVE an organized laundry room! And somehow knowing where the washing machine manual is, makes me feel like I have my life together and I'm a real live grown-up. ;) haha

And because we all love bullet points so much, to organize our laundry room we:
  • Used pretty bottles for detergent and fabric softener
  • A spray bottle for stain remover
  • A tray to help corral counter clutter, and help catch any detergent run off
  • An Adorable piggy bank
  • A clear pocket for manuals and stain removal charts
  • Some baskets to contain "The Ugly"
  • and last but definitely not least . . . a big de-cluttering session!  I made sure that there was nothing in the little laundry cabinet that shouldn't be there! 

"I’m Ashli from Mini Manor Blog. I live in Big Beautiful British Columbia with my Husband Lee and our 5 lb yorkie Max.  I have an organizers heart, I am a bin-aholic, and I’ve never met a wicker basket I didn’t love. During the summer I can be found lounging in the garden or at the gym . . . one of those was a lie. And in the last 5 years I’ve made more then 2000 cupcakes. I want to bake, eat and organize. Hand me some eggs, flour and an unorganized kitchen, that’s my idea of a great weekend, okay go ahead throw Ryan Gosling in there too."

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