IHeart Handmade Walls!

My name is Jen and I am addicted to color.

Color makes me smile and since I spend so much time within the walls of my home, I try to incorporate cheerful colors in any way that I can.  Throw pillows, rugs, accessories and through painted furniture and walls, the colors in our home make it feel like spring and summer year round!

However, I struggle a bit when it comes to adding art on our walls.  Which is probably one of the most important and key ways to liven up your home and make it feel all warm and fuzzy... but I get nervous.  Nervous to pull the trigger on a huge art investment.  Nervous that what I pick won't make sense or jive with the rest of our home.  Nervous that I will change my mind five minutes after I put something up.... so, I chicken out, toss a few pics of the kids on the wall, use mirrors as space fillers and call it good.

But it isn't good.

My home is asking for more.  More life.  More character.  More color.

That is where my new favorite read comes in.

The authors behind one of my absolute favorite blogs, the Handmade Home, have created the happiest, most colorful and creative eBook I have seen.  It gave me joyful goosebumps and is where I plan on gaining oodles of inspiration to give more life to the walls in our home.

It is quite fitting really.  I mean, look at their home!  Isn't it incredible?


Not to mention, they were the inspiration behind our first major art DIY project that I still hug daily, and have The Handmade Home to thank!

Sometimes I look at their projects and think there is absolutely no way I could create something as beautiful.  I am no artist.  I would totally screw it up.  But their book gave me the confidence I needed to realize that art is imperfect and I totally can do it!

I downloaded the book on my iPad and it lit up the screen with joy.  Seriously, this book is so darn colorful, whimsical and eye catching, I couldn't stop turning page after page!

I really love that they make it easy for DIYer's to understand how much they can tackle.  Meaning, they have a great guide that estimates skill level, time and moolah needed for each project.

They also cover different types of love for your walls.  Frames, artwork, mirrors and clocks, this book has it all!  They even chat about different painting techniques and share their favorite beautiful colors!

I love that everything has a sense of life, of dimension and can be given a personal and unique twist.  The book filled me with so many new ideas, I can't wait to whip something up for our entry, the playroom, Preston's room and our master bedroom! That's right, I now have newly inspired ideas for spaces all over our home!

I wish I could give the folks over at The Handmade Home a big sloppy kiss for being so awesome and putting so many wonderful ideas in one place!  For now, virtual hugs and smooches will have to do.  The walls of my home will benefit from their creativeness and ability to create masterpieces with paint and wood, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

Are you looking to bring more smiles, warmth and interest to the walls in your home?   You can find The Handmade Walls eBook here and be well on your way to jazzing up your happy home as well!

Handmade Walls EBook

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