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Hi friends!

Happy Thursday!  So many fun things are and have been going on, that I thought I would pop in and share some of the goodness in one happy post!

First off, I had the amazing opportunity to contribute to the recent edition of House of Fifty!  The incredibly beautiful issue was just released this week, and as always, it is jam packed with inspirational ideas and finds for the home, fashion and for our tummies!

It was such a fun experience photographing and sharing one of our most cherished Christmas traditions!

The magazine can be ordered digitally or in print here.

Yesterday was a day I will never forget.

Just over three years ago, I was searching for three dimensional wall flowers via Google, and happened to find Young House Love instead {since they used the wall flowers in their own home}.  When I clicked in and found a blog, I was instantly sucked in.  Crazy how that happens right?  I couldn't look away from the screen, and just kept on reading and reading.  I had heard of friends and families blogging about their lives and kids before, but never did I know that there was a whole world of people blogging about their passions and hobbies!

Being a stay at home daycare mommy at the time, yet finding myself passionate about similar home improvement projects that Young House Love was sharing, I thought that starting up my own little blog would be a fun way for me to spend my mommy time and share some of the ideas our friends and family would ask us about when visiting.

Little did I know that a few months later, they would feature me on their blog!  And that from there, my blog would continue to grow and grow and now is my daily life!  So, there is a chance that if I never would have found them that late night, I never would have started this venture called IHeart...

Now, my guess is majority of you read their blog, and know of all of the exciting book happenings and their tour!  So, when I found out they were visiting our area, I knew there would be no way of missing the opportunity to meet the sweet and kind folks that inspired me years ago {and still do on a daily basis!}.

My local blog buddy, Jackie from Teal & Lime {another must read}, my hubby and I grabbed lunch and snagged a spot in line super early to wait for the Youngsters to arrive!

We waited for a few hours, and I had the opportunity to meet a few of you super sweet and kind local readers as well, which was another major highlight of my day/week/month & year!

Once the doors finally opened, it was nice to get inside and warm up and snag a cute cookie far too charming to eat!

When the darling couple entered, they were just as kind, charming and energetic as they are on their blog!  And Sherry is absolutely beautiful!

We got up to their table and they started signing away and I mentioned that they had featured both Jackie and myself as Reader Spaces... I was a little reserved about saying, "I'm Jen from IHeart Organizing" for fear they would be like, "IHeart what?"  I didn't say it right away... but my hubby did on my behalf since he is my number one fan.  And Sherry was all like, "No way!  Your Jen from IHeart!?  I know you, give me a hug!!".  I died.

It was such a fun day and so great to come full circle after finding them three amazing years ago!

And last but not least, my buddies over at Michael's Craft Stores, invited me to participate in a creative Blogger Dream Tree Challenge!

Over the next couple of days I will be spending oodles of time finding fun and creative ways to use supplies found at Michael's, to make our holiday tree rock!

Of course, to get started I pulled some fun inspiration!  Aren't all of these ornaments divine, colorful and dazzling?!

{geometric, yarn, twine, sequin, pearls, flower, ombre, painted}

I am excited to get the tree done before Thanksgiving this year!  Stay tuned as I will be sharing updates on Instagram and a full reveal next week!

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