Another round of Christmas Card Outtakes

Thanks to lots of traveling, people visiting, the girls being sick, and being sick myself, I felt like I have spent most of this fall playing "catch-up" on this blog. I am excited now for the first time in months to finally be caught up. I think I have photos for at least two weeks of posts already taken (although I still need to write them - haha!) so starting tomorrow I will have quite a few new posts including more Christmas decorating and at least two tutorials. And I still have a few more things left for December to finish up and photograph and then we have several fun things I am working on for January including Jamie's baby shower! For today though, while I finish up editing some of the new photos I thought I would share some pictures of the girls that I took several weeks ago.

A while back I showed you some of my attempts of getting a good shot of both girls together for our Christmas card. I ended up taking two more stabs at it but unfortunately never got the shot I had in my head. I did get our Christmas card finished up though and started getting them sent out yesterday. Here are a few shots, from our third unsuccessful try at getting "the shot".

I got a few pictures of them on their own, although to keep Lola still I had to give her a lollipop...

But then when it came time to get them both in the shot I pretty much just got their backsides...

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday! I am planning on taking the girls to see Santa later today...we'll see if this year goes a little better than the last few years - haha! And I'll be back tomorrow.

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