How to Make Yarn Trees

I made several of these yarn trees last year and used them in our dining room and in Lola's room. They were so easy to make and I liked the simple yet whimsical look they have so we made several more this year, including a few pink ones for Lillie's room! One of the things I love about them is they are very kid-friendly.

Are you ready for a very quick tutorial? There aren't many steps so it won't take long to show you.

First here is what you need:

Some cones (any size you would like)
Glue (when we made them last year we used a glue gun, this year because Lillie was helping we used Elmer's school glue and it worked great too!)

You can do it Lillie's way and squirt a bunch of glue on and start winding your yarn:

Or this way and just use a little bit of glue:

And then you just start winding the yarn from the base

and keep going...(because I wind my way back down too, I am not too picky about how it looks on the way up)

When I get to the top I just add a bit of glue:

Cover it up:

And work my way back down to the bottom where I add a bit more glue. Then I just snip off the yarn and glue the end of it down and that's it!

I've been planning on adding stars to the top for over a year now, but still haven't gotten to it...ugh! Also, you can leave them as is, or you can place them on top of candlesticks or glue them onto the top of a wooden thread spool if you want to give them a bit more height.

Here you can see some of the yarn trees in our home both this Christmas and last Christmas:

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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