Lillie's Christmas Room


This year I didn't really do any real decorating in Lillie's room. We put a little tree in her window seat area that she decorated completely herself and then we made quite a few little yarn trees (per her request) and put them out with some feather boas (to look like snow) and that was it. It wasn't what I had planned on doing originally, but it was nice and simple and she had a lot of fun.

For her yarn trees she picked out three different shades of pink. (I only used the lighter two on the trees in these photos). We will have a tutorial up soon on how to make these.

 The little stocking my mom made her for her first Christmas four years ago.

Here's a shot of Lillie's little tree:

She and Lola put a bunch of their toys underneath it and pretend they are presents.
 And here is one of the trees she made herself. =)

I also wanted to let you know we restocked our table runners:

Have a beautiful Friday!

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