An Organized Entryway Drawer

Add this project to the quick and easy and under 15 minute list.  Those are the best right?

You are about to see proof that even though I heart organizing, we are far from perfect over here....

Yikes right?  That is the top drawer of our entry shoe storage unit.

And it once looked like this inside....

But, over the past few years, it has become a quick place to toss random items in a hurry.  I knew the main reason was laziness, the second reason was the lack of drawer dividers for all the itty bits that we like to keep in the drawer.  I have always believed that drawer dividers keep drawers cleaner, since you have less of a choice to just "stuff" something somewhere.  They make you stop and think, "Does this really belong in here?"

So, I emptied the drawer to start from scratch, put everything back where it really should have gone and selected the items that made the most sense for our entry drawer.

See those great pink little buckets?  Found those at Target in the dollar section - two for $1 baby!

They would be my new drawer dividers!  Cheap and cute!  And my way of bringing pink into the house in any way that I can....

I could have just filled the tubs with the contents waiting for their new home, however, I wanted to go the extra mile and add some labels to the insides, just so there is never any question in the future what belongs and what doesn't.

To keep the organizers from sliding around inside of the drawer, I just snipped a small bit of a rug pad to put down under the bins.

Visions like this make me week in the knees....

And here they are all filled up with their goodies.

My sunglasses, batteries, spare keys, hand sanitizer, and a tape measure {since we are always grabbing for one}.  Daily essentials.

To make room for the rest of the belongings, I just slid the organizers to the back of the drawer, and placed in the larger items that I like to stash in there as well. 

Sooooo much better!  And so easy!  Fingers crossed it sticks this time!

This project came out of nowhere just because I couldn't take it any longer.  A couple of minutes while watching Sunday football and I was left grinning ear to ear.

Anyone take on a last minute project this weekend also?  Or find an amazing storage solution in the dollar section or at the dollar store?

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