Lillie's Birthday Cake

I've got this one last post here with some random shots and then hopefully after this I will have enough of my more recent photos edited to start posting photos of some of our new products, Jamie's shower and two photo shoots that we've done during the past week and a half. We've gotten quite a few e-mails wondering about Lillie's birthday party this year. (You can see her Cinderella party here, her Twelve Dancing Princesses party here, and her Pink Party here.) We actually didn't have a "real" party for her this year. Instead she chose to go to the Great Wolf Lodge with my sister, Dana, and we had a little cake and some presents at our house with just our family and my two sisters and brother-in-law who were all visiting. I did take some photos of her cake (I was expecting her to request a Barbie or princess cake but she actually requested this cake!) and of her opening a couple of presents and blowing out her candles and seeing how I am behind on all of my recent photos thought I would share them today. This is the same cake that we did this summer but this time we did it with a cream cheese frosting instead of chocolate frosting.

Also, I wanted to let you know that my friend, Melaine from My Sweet Savannah got locked out of her blog =( and had to start new. Here is her new blog address:

Have a lovely evening! I'll be back soon!

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