Greetings! Card Organization

This month we are focusing on the Home Office and organizing bits and pieces within it.  Today, I am excited to say I have conquered my greeting card hoarding situation.

In the past, I had found myself without a card on a special occasion, or running to the store at the last minute to grab a card for a baby shower.  Trying to be better about being prepared and having to do less last minute errand running, I started collecting greeting cards to keep at home.  A few here and there and I had grown a nice collection....

Now I would be prepared, but still not organized.  This month, I decided to do something about the stack that lived haphazardly in my studio dresser drawer.

So, I picked up this darling polka dot gift box at Paper Source.

Sure, I could have just tossed the cards inside, but hey, that's not my style.  No more digging I told myself.  So, I DIY'd some dividers.

I started by making a list of card types to organize/divide.

Then, using brightly colored cardstock paper, I cut the paper down to size and used a label template to create tabs for the tops.

I grabbed one of the tallest envelopes in the stack to act as a guide for height.

A label maker later and I had labeled dividers!

After tossing the dividers into the decorative box, I started sorting out my cards into the correct categories.

All done with smiles!

I popped a label holder on the front and called it completed organized goodness.

Although I can't use the cover since the cards are too tall, I like the look of it with the pretty colors popping up.  It will make a great accessory on my studio desk shelves.

How is your home office organizing going?  What was the first project that you tackled?  This weekend I am tweaking our filing system, more to come next week!

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