Jamie's Nursery Rhyme Themed Baby Shower Part 1

Well, I finally finished going through all the photos from Jamie's baby shower. I took quite a few and even after weeding through them and picking just a small percentage to edit I think it would still be too many pictures for one post so I am going to split it up into two. Today I will show you the smaller table setup and then next I'll show you the larger table setup. 

Jamie wanted to do a subtle nursery rhyme theme in her nursery. She's decorating her nursery in a gray and lavender color scheme so we decided to incorporate the same theme for her baby shower. As usual, to help keep costs down, with lots of help from my mom and sisters we tried to make as many things as we could. We will be offering several items in our shop as downloads including the pages to make the banner as well as cutouts and several fun print outs that I will share in the next post.

Our biggest splurge by far was the favors. We had little white chocolate mice from Burdick's.  We took a few out of their pretty packaging and placed them in front of a page we printed out with the "Hickory, dickory, dock..." nursery rhyme and added a silhouette we drew and cutout.

My mom made the delicious cake pops and she and Lillie made the cookies as well. 

The large clock in the back was the focal point of this table and helped both with the whole "Storytime" feel as well as the "Hickory, dickory, dock..." vignette in front of it. 

The adorable little purple and white striped cups on the bottom shelf are from the TomKat Studio. I have a few more things from them on the table I will show you tomorrow. I LOVE their stuff!


I hope you all have a wonderful week! I'll be back with more pictures either tomorrow or Tuesday!

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