Silhouette Stamping Kit, A Promo & a GIVEAWAY!

It's a fact, Jack, that I love to use my Silhouette for my organizing projects and creating beautiful labels.  So when they came out with the new stamping kit, I knew I could use it to create some pretty cards, but I also wanted to put my organizing cap on and see if I could put those stamps to good use around the abode as well.

You heard me right, Silhouette can now cut rubber stamping material, to create unique and reusable stamps.  Here is how it works.

Once you have created your design within the Silhouette Studio, you place the rubber stamping material onto the special cutting mat.

Make sure to adjust your blade and settings prior to cutting.  I am always nervous when trying out a new product, so I also watch a few You Tube tutorials and check out the Silhouette Blog

I thought it would be fun to create a stamp that I could stamp on artwork that the kids bring home and that we will end up keeping in their art boxes.  I wanted it to introduce the kid and provide me with a blank space to add their name, age and grade.  So I decided to create a stamp with text stating, "Made with ♥ ".

It cut the handwritten words beautifully, which I then removed from the mat and placed onto one of the stamping blocks.  The letters just stick to the block and are completely re-positionable, there is also a grid on the block to help line up the letters and graphics.  I also created a pretty flower cutout so I could do two projects.

Here you can see how the rubber stamp cutout is raised on the block.

My first project was adding the fun stamp to my sweet little artist's work.

I just flipped the work over and stamped the sweet little saying on each piece.

Once dry, I followed behind and filled in each piece of work with the name, age and grade of the boy who created it.  Now, I can keep the stamp and use it on their work each time it is saved going forward.

The other stamp I created, to spruce up some simple tag labels.  This time, I used gold ink, I found it works best to dab the pad onto the stamp vs. the other way around.

It won't look like the ink is adhering, but it is there!  The grid on the stamping block also helps line things up when you are ready to stamp the object.

These tags made their way to the guest bathroom.  Pretty eh?

My buddies over at Silhouette are partnering with me today to offer up a promotion for the Silhouette and their new stamping kit.  Both the Silhouette and Portrait are bundled and steeply discounted from now through September 13th, as is the new stamping kit for current Silhouette owners.  Just go here and enter ORGANIZING at checkout.

Oh hi!  Guess what, I am also giving away a Silhouette away this week so you can stamp to your heart's desire as well!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy stamping and....

IHeart Organizing official giveaway entry rules can always be found here.

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