UHeart Organizing: A Delightfully Organized Desk

I could look at pretty, organized desk spaces every second of every day.  And it never fails that I end up running to my own desk to do a quick spruce up every time I see another sweet and tidy workspace.  No joke!  Every. Single. Time.  I spend a lot of time working at my desk, and I am so much happier and more productive when my space is smiling back at me.  I bet Megan, from Honey We're Home, is one productive chica herself.  You have got to see her incredibly inspiring workspace!  Here she is now to share.  And now I am off to do another desk spruce up!

Today I'm sharing how I keep my main work space {my home office desk} inspiring and organized.  Working at a desk where there are inspiring things helps keep my creative juices flowing and having things neat and organized helps me feel like I can sit down and get things accomplished.  This is a desk I want to sit down and work/plan/create at.

I like to keep a living plant nearby and this one from Ikea sits inside a pot that got a bit of bling with some metallic gold spray paint.  Colorful pens and markers and a beautiful set of notepads are always close at hand so I can jot down notes, make lists and store blog ideas.  Even my grocery list feels better when it's written on pretty paper. 

These notebooks were found at Target.

You don't have to keep your writing utensils in a holder specifically designated for pens and pencils, any decorative cup will do.  This chevron mug is from Mikasa and comes in other colors too.

To personalize things, I special photo of my son and a ceramic owl {my Grandma's favorite} sits on the desktop.  I printed the picture of my son {an Instagram print} at Walgreens.  It's easy to upload a picture to their website and the print will be ready in an hour.  I did the same thing with the cool photo of the tiger I found online.

I'm a big fan of washi tape and added a decorative strip of gold to my keyboard. 

A cute desk calendar is also a must.  Last month's August photo was so cute.  I also embellished it with a strip of washi tape.

Speaking of washi tape, because I'm a huge fan and use it all the time, I was storing it right on top of my desk in a cupcake stand...

...but have since relocated it to one of my desk drawers.  I like to change things up to keep it interesting and fresh.

Keeping the two inside desk drawers tidy and organized is a big help when I'm reaching for something specific.  Everything has a place.

I used acrylic drawer dividers and clear box frames to separate all my desk goodies.

Inexpensive wrapping paper in shades of pink line the drawers.  It's an extra pop of pretty that can easily be changed out.

It feels so good to keep everything clean and organized at home, even if you're dreaming of heading to the beach!  This fun gold frame was found at Target. 

Even if you don't have much space, you can make the most of the space you have by decorating and organizing it in a way that appeals and makes sense to you.  I try to keep the desktop clean by doing a big weekly clear off and keeping my files up to date.  I hope this inspires your own home desk organization! 

"My name is Megan and I am a lawyer by day, design and decor lover by night, and Mama to the sweetest 2-year old boy you've ever seen. I'm passionate about fitness (and chocolate!) and could not live without my relationships, girl talk, and my morning coffee. I've been blogging for two years over at Honey We're Home, sharing my love of keeping things organized and beautiful at our house.  My efforts to live in the moment and cook more are an adventure in progress."

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