15 Organizing Tasks You Can Do in 15 Minutes

We are busy people.  And I am guessing 99% percent of the population doesn't share the same crazy obsession with organizing that I do.  I do it like it's my hobby.  But most people, not so much.

I find myself doing quick spurts of organizing.  I don't blog about them each and every time because I do it impulsively and before I know it I am done and grinning ear to ear.  So it got me thinking about those quick and random acts of organizing that make a big impact on our home.  You may not have five hours to clean out and entire room, but everyone has 15 minutes each week to spare for a little organizing lovin'.

Here are my top fifteen organizing tasks that can be done in fifteen minutes or less!  Have fun friends!

  • Empty out all trash
  • Wipe down dash and center console
  • Clean windows
  • Vacuum Seats
  • Add a small bin to corral all of the items you prefer to keep within the car

  • Remove all expired foods
  • Wipe down shelves and bins
  • Categorize remaining foods by type
  • Create special baskets for breakfast foods and lunches
  • Use a Sharpie or Washi tape to label food container with expiration dates

  • Pick a drawer, any drawer
  • Empty contents
  • Donate/toss anything that you haven't used/touched within the past three months
  • Vacuum/wipe down inside of the drawer
  • Place items back using drawer dividers if possible {drawer dividers reduce risk of "toss and shut" syndrome.  Anything can be used from washed out yogurt cups to muffin pans to cereal boxes}

  • Recycle all junk mail
  • Unsubscribe from mailings {many online services can help you do this quickly}
  • Place important dates into your calendar
  • Scan/File statements
  • Designate a single basket or paper tray as your inbox for weekly sorting

  • Toss any expired products
  • Combine like bottles and toss anything that you don't use frequently
  • Remove contents and wipe down shelves
  • Place items back strategically {by item type}
  • Remove any medications and store them in separate, dry environment {medications should not be stored in a medicine cabinet}

  • Donate anything you haven't used within 3-6 months
  • Tag or turn your hangers.  After you wear something, place the hanger back in the opposite way.  Now, you have a system for purging down the line {unturned hangers mean you haven't wore the item and it has to go}
  • Add a bin or bag to your closet for donations.  Now, you have an instant place to purge when you follow the "one in, one out" rule.
  • Vacuum out floor of closet, wipe down shoes
  • Plan your wardrobe for the week

  • Delete spam and old Emails
  • Sign up for an Inbox cleanup service {there many out there similar to this one}
  • Reply to anything that requires a quick response
  • Create folders/labels to "file" away your Emails.  Create one label as an active "To Do" list and use the rest to quickly find important correspondences.
  • Unsubscribe from unnecessary notifications from Social Media sites.

  • Return piled up items back to their original home
  • Wipe down the counters
  • Store away appliances that are not used frequently
  • Add a small basket or bin for the items that typically land on your counter, and empty it at the end of each day

  • Remove all expired foods
  • Wipe down shelves and bins
  • Categorize remaining foods by type
  • Create special baskets for breakfast foods and lunches
  • Use a Sharpie or Washi tape to label food container with expiration dates

  • Empty contents
  • Vacuum inside of pockets and pouches
  • Toss garbage and items that are no longer needed
  • Categorize contents and place within small pouches {such as pencil pouches} or a purse organizer {for example, one pouch holds cosmetics, one pouch holds electronics, etc...}

  • Remove contents from drawers and top of nightstand
  • Wipe down outside and inside
  • Toss any expired lotions, chapsticks, etc... Purge items that don't belong
  • Add dividers/organizers to drawers
  • Place a small dish on the top to hold your favorite daily jewels/hair ties

  • Blank slate it!  Clear your desk of clutter and piles
  • Wipe down desk
  • Add an "inbox" for important papers/documents
  • Toss old pens, pencils and broken/unused supplies
  • Keep only items you use daily on your desktop, tuck the less frequently used items away in drawers or bins

  • Create a shopping list/meal plan for the week/month
  • Search Pinterest, magazines and cookbooks for a few new recipes to try each month
  • Sign up for a meal planning service {many available which will plan your weekly meals and provide you with a shopping list}
  • Use online services {such as Evernote} to create an online catalog of your favorite recipes, or put them all together within a recipe binder

  • Empty the closet/cabinet to give it a blank slate
  • Wipe down shelves, go the extra mile by adding pretty shelf liner
  • Toss/donate any items that haven't been used within 6-12 months
  • Place sheets within baskets {for the non-expert sheet folders}, or within shelving dividers
  • Refold/roll all towels to face the same way
  • Use space saving bags to condense large quilts and pillows

  • Empty contents of your makeup bag/makeup drawer
  • Wipe down insides of bag/drawer 
  • Toss expired items {it's not good for you to use expired makeup yo!}
  • Purge down items that are duplicates or seasonal
  • Wipe down each makeup item/case with disinfecting wipes
  • Clean makeup brushes {details here}

Those are just a few things that I do, that take me 15 minutes or less, and happen when I have a spare moment and feel like getting something accomplished quick.   I always feel superfab after tackling each one of these tasks, and they all make a positive impact on our lives here in the Jones household.  I try to do something every day or two, but many of these items can be tackled in a single weekend or spread out throughout the month.  And if you have attention issues like I do, a timer will be your best friend forever.  As will good tunes.

Now it is your turn!  I have to know, what am I missing out on?  What quickie organizing tasks do you accomplish within 15 minutes or less?

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