Peek of Posts this Week

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Even though neither space is completely finished I got our entryway and powder room photographed so I am busy now editing the pictures and getting them ready to post showing the progress we have made so far in each space. I should have the entryway post up tomorrow (Monday) and the powder room later in the week.

Here's a little peek at the powder room:

Here is what is has looked like until just this past week:
I can't wait to show you the difference in there!

And here is a little peek at the entryway (and I think this is going to be the clock's final resting place after being moved from room to room):

Here's a reminder of what our entryway looked like when we moved in:

I also wanted to introduce another one of our new sponsors, Anna See:

Anna See carries items like beautiful all natural, handmade soaps:

and beautiful prints of her original artwork including this lovely one of Boston:

Be sure to check out this talented artist's shop and blog!

I'll be back tomorrow to share all the details of the progress we've made so far in the entryway.
Have a blessed week!

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