DIY Washi Tape Organizer

Raise your hand if you have a Washi Tape addiction.  Me Me Me!  I have collected a few rolls here and there over the past year or two, and all of the sudden I realized I have Washi Tape coming out of my ears. 

I love that Washi Tape has endless uses, however, my desk drawer organizers are bursting at the seams and the tape is taking over my work surfaces.  And with it spread here and there, I forget what I have and want to prevent over-purchasing.  Time to get it organized.  Did you know you could organize Washi Tape?  Ha, me either.

This projects was super simple.  Those are always the best kind.  And it can be done in under 15 minutes.  Yes please.

I found a clear drawer organizer and two small tension rods at Target.  I went with two rods and a wider organizer to accommodate my collection.  For this project, I also used the serrated edge from two boxes of plastic wrap and some double stick tape {not shown}.

I started by fitting the tension rods to the organizer.  Then, I just slid the rolls of tape onto each rod, making sure that they were facing in the correct direction to be unrolled.

Next up, I removed the serrated edge from the boxes of cling wrap.  I have actually seen people use the boxes themselves as Washi organizers, however, I was looking for something easier to update and a bit sturdier.  Once I removed the plastic serrated edge from the box, I ran it under water to remove the extra glue and cardboard.

Using some double stick tape, I attached the plastic serrated edges to the top lip of the drawer organizer.  Truth: I tried hot glue first, it was messy and didn't allow the edge to sit flush against the drawer organizer edge.

To somewhat hide the tension rods from the front, I added a pretty gold bookplate label holder.

 And done!  Simple as that!

Now all of my tapes are stored in one shiny, happy place, and are simple to use to boot!

Tell me, what is your favorite way to use this pretty tape?

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