Christmas Card Photos - Take 2

So I wasn't thrilled with my first attempt at our Christmas Card picture so we tried again. I still didn't get what I was hoping for (I think it's a pretty shot of Lola but Lillie's out of focus a bit) but at this point I am out of time so we are going ahead and using the one above for the front and a couple of the ones below on the back (and then a bunch of pictures from throughout the year inside.)  You can see last year's card here, the year before here and the year before that here.

The photo below was actually my favorite picture of what I was able to get but Lola's headband was slipping off and even though it didn't bother me my significant other was not a fan so it's going on the back.  I like that they are smiling though. Lola saw the picture above and goes, "Oh look mommy, I'm making my mad face!" =) Lillie turned five last week and finally likes having her picture taken, Lola's not that big a fan, however she did sit pretty still for this round. I think it was because we were feeding her chocolate chips in between shots...

This one is going on the back too.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I FINALLY got our guest room photographed so I will be sharing that as well as our dining room table all set and Lillie and Lola's room all decorated for I just need to finish editing pictures and get them posted.

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