From Our Shelf To Yours (Jason's Guest Post)

There was a time when I felt as though I was becoming a familiar face here on the blog. However, the year or so that I spent making monthly contributions is now but a vague and distant memory. For those of you who are relatively new here, my name is Jason. I am the younger, more task-oriented sibling in the brother/sister team that makes up the bulk of the Dear Lillie operation. While Jenni spends her days rearranging the pillows in her guest room and her nights scribbling on chalkboards, I allocate my time in a more professional manner by responding to emails and fulfilling orders--you know, actually running the company.

Now I don't want to put words in other people's mouths, but if you were to ask the the rest of our family to describe my potential contributions to the blog, I'd be willing to wager that "fount of creativity" would be the most common response. Unfortunately though, when you work with an attention-craved despot, that wellspring is continually squelched.

In Jenni's attempt to make our family business more about herself than her family, my input has been driven to a strictly "behind the scenes" role. Gone are the in-depth sewing tutorials... Nixed are the promising new product lines... Suppressed are the heartfelt birthday well-wishes... And stamped out are the inside looks at how we run the company... But on this day we say "no more." Enough is enough. While I may no longer be afforded the opportunity to regularly grace you with home decor knowhow, I have refused to let one longstanding tradition be silenced.

And with that I give you--from our shelf to yours--my 2013 Christmas card!

Merry Christmas from the Crotty, Holmes, and Druke families!

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