Reader Space: An Organized Kitchen with Class!

The kitchen.  The hub of the home.  The place where families gather.  Where food is prepared with love.  Where homework is done.  Where laughs are had.  Where entertaining happens.  Where memories are made.

It is also the place where dishes are done, clutter piles up on the counter, fingerprints are smeared on all appliances and baking messes sprawl from edge to edge.

We rely on kitchen spaces heavily throughout the year, so having a little bit of order can be a real sanity saver in this high traffic space.

Lauren writes over at a Lo and Behold Life, and I am gaga for her home and style.  Everything she does is so, so pretty!  Yes simple, clean and fresh!  And her kitchen.... sigh.  My heart is beating faster just typing about it.  You have to see what I mean, here she is now to share more!

What is the main function of the space?

"Welcome to our kitchen - otherwise known as the heart of the house!  And it true Italian Family style, we heart food.  So needless to say, the main function of the space has everything to do with food - washing, storing, prepping, cooking and baking and most importantly, eating.  News flash - I love to cook!  However, there are also second and third functions to this space.  The kitchen is our "mudroom" as well as our "laundry" room.  A lot of functions for such a small space!"

Any superstar tips for keeping it organized?

"For keeping this space organized it is important to not only for it to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also super functional and easy to maintain.  So I created 'kitchen zones'.  The 'cleaning zone' to the left of the sink is where food is placed that needs to be rinsed, trimmed or cleaned.  The garbage disposal switch and the garbage can are within arms length, making it easy to keep things tidy as I work.  The 'prep zone' is where the magic happens.

All of my kitchen tools, prep bowls, pots, pans, oils and baking essentials are stored in these drawers and cabinets.

This area is also flanked between the refrigerator and the stove.  Once something is mixed or chopped I can easily drop it into the saute pan or toss it in the oven without running around the kitchen like a maniac and making a mess on the floor."

Which items did you find were essential when organizing the space and why?

"Well, I learn from the best!  I've been a loyal follower of IHeart Organizing for years and am always inspired by Jen's creative and budget friendly organizing tips.  Enter the IKEA HEMNES shoe rack.  I discovered this little gem and knew it would be perfect to retrofit a mudroom at the kitchen back door.   All of our shoes are easily stored away as soon as we walk in the house.

I also can't live without my recipe binder.  All of my favorite recipes are categorized and stored in sheet protectors.  When I decide what's for dinner, the recipe gets pinned up on the fridge so I can quickly reference it from the 'prep zone', and the sheet protectors save the recipe from any yucky food smudges."

What did you do to go the extra mile and "Make it Pretty"?

"OK... so who needs a turquoise pantry with chevron fabric covered shelves?  Probably no one.  But doesn't it look cute?  And I loved it so much that I painted the laundry area turquoise!  I spend time in there, why not make it pretty?

And to spruce up the mundane glass kitchen cabinets, I mounted a coordinating modern fabric that ties in the grey tones throughout the kitchen.  It really makes all my white everyday dishes pop!"

What items did you DIY to stay on a budget?

"Our kitchen isn't big enough for a proper dining table, so to maximize the space, we chose to install new countertops with a breakfast bar.

I didn't have any bar stools at the proper height, so instead of buying new ones, we repurposed some existing stools from Target that were collecting dust in the garage." 

How has this space impacted your life for the better?

"I am a mom of three year old twin boys, so getting a homemade dinner on the table every night is no easy feat.  When the kitchen is organized, I'm in 'the zone'.  Everything is in its place and readily accessible so I can quickly and efficiently move around and prepare a meal for my family without leaving a trail of crumbs.  I'm very passionate about cooking but I'm more passionate about my family and would rather be spending time with them than standing over a hot stove!"

After reading this, I am ready to tear apart our kitchen right before Christmas.  Someone hold me back!  So inspiring right?

  • The kitchen is not mansion sized, but Lauren did an amazing job maximizing the space she had to work with.
  • I love her counters.  I could caress them, pet them, smooch on them... I will try and keep this PG.
  • The baking cabinet makes my organizing lovin' soul feel warm and fuzzy with a cherry on top.
  • My most favorite takeaway from this feature was her tips on creating "zones" around the kitchen.  I love that each area has a specific function and is set up for success!
  • She earns extra points for the sweet shout-out love she gave me in her responses.  
  • I love her tip about pinning up her recipes on the fridge in sheet protectors.  Smart gal!
  • OK, I don't know what she is talking about.  I think everyone needs a turquoise pantry! 
  • I now want to line every last cabinet in my home.  I mean seriously, those glass faced cabinets with the white dishes smiling in front of the beautiful fabric?  My eyes are happy dancing!
  • Oh, hello beautiful fabric covered kitchen stools!  I think I love you.
  • Her final statement about the kitchen is what it is all about.  Creating a space that allows you to maximize your use of time while you are using it, so that you can maximize your use of time with your favorite people before and after.

A huge thank you to Lauren for allowing me to share her absolutely lovely kitchen today.  You can read post after post of her kitchen progression to awesomeness, on her blog here.



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