WE Heart Organizing! Let's Get This Party Started!

Let's give a chilly welcome to December!  Snow is now here to stay and Christmas is just around the corner.  Can you believe 2013 is coming to an end?  What a year it has been!

Did you have a productive November?  Hopefully not too productive... it is important to slow down a bit during the holidays and cherish the many moments happening around us.

I felt blessed in November to host a Thanksgiving feast at our home and take a few days off with my family to enjoy snuggles, a trip to the tree farm and playing games with friends.  We really stopped all projects and just enjoyed our home and it was some of my favorite moments of the entire year.

Even with some time built in for relaxation and reflecting, we also got a few great things accomplished!   We got a start on the garage, although, I haven't posted about it yet because there are so many half done projects and messes that it probably wouldn't make much sense anyway.  But any progress is good progress!

Inside, we checked a few more things off of our never-ending to do list as well.  In case you missed any posts along the way, here is a quick recap:
  • We added some glam gold hardware to our credenza in the pathway between the living room and kitchen and I really love the way the area has a more sophisticated feeling.
  • We sold our previous sideboard on Craigslist and reinvested in a larger piece with a hutch, also found on Craigslist.  It was dark and heavy and felt like it was swallowing our dining room, so I gave it a few coats of paint.  Glorious Reflecting Pool to the rescue, the piece is now a shining star!
  • Once the paint cured, I got to deck it out and organize it!  I am over the moon giddy about all of the storage that the piece now has to offer!
  • While I painted, my handy hubby was hard at work sheet-rocking, taping and mudding the walls in my storage closet under the stairs.  He also added in a new light and trim, giving me a blank slate to organize all of my home decor, crafts and wrapping essentials!
  • While sorting through our storage areas, we condensed and organized our favorite memories into individual boxes for each family member.  I spent many hours going down memory lane and I may have cried beautiful happy tears along the way.
  • As I mentioned, we hosted Thanksgiving this year, and that meant planning a menu for my main man to manage and I got to have fun making our dining room into a festive place to dine.  

    Thanks again to everyone who has been Instagraming their organizing projects.  I have had so much fun checking in and seeing what y'all are working on, and can't wait to catch up on more during some down time this weekend.  So fun, inspiring and motivating without the wait of a blog post.  For those that want to follow along, you can keep up with the #wiorn hashtag here.

    Once again, you all rocked last months challenge and link party.  I am excited to do a recap your 250+ posts submitted, and also kick off this month's joyful organizing challenge today!

    As always, a ginormous thank you to all who participate in these challenges.  Checking out your posts is my guilty pleasure every month, so bring it on!

    IHeart Organizing is not responsible for the content uploaded and shared within the Monthly Link Parties on within the #wiorn hashtag feed.  However, it is a great way to join together in making organizing fun, so let's use our best internet etiquette and have a great time with this social party!

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