DIY Jar Lid Labels

Once I discovered that vinyl and chalkboard markers go together like peas and carrots, I was over the moon excited.  That opened a whole new world of labeling for me.

Chalkboard labels have been all the rage for a few years now, and I think the reason they are so popular is because people love that versatility factor.  If the contents of the bin or basket change, just change the name on the label.  No need to re-make or re-purchase something, just because your needs change.

Chalkboard paint and chalkboard vinyl will be around for many years because of this, as will dry erase options which I have also been seeing around storefronts as of late.  When pretty colored vinyl is paired with a chalkboard marker, you receive that same effect.  An adorable label now that can be easily cleaned and used again for something else later.  You can see how I initially started using that method in our pantry here.

I am always up for exploring a few DIY options when it comes to labeling, as I would much rather put my own personal twist on a label than be limited to options provided at my local stores.  Thus, the jar lid labels were born.

The process of making these was so simple that anyone could do it, and if you don't have vinyl {which you can find online or at craft stores}, you could also supplement chalkboard paint.

I started out by collecting the lids off of a few random food jars.  Certain food products will leave a slight aroma to the lid, therefore, I let them boil with lemon peels for awhile and then set them in the garage to air out for a few days.  Seemed to mask the smell for the most part.  I have also tried coffee grounds and that also works, however, I didn't have those on hand for this time around.  A safer bet would be to use lids from yummy jellies and jams instead of salsa, pickles and pasta sauce.

With the help of my hubby, he used his drill to create two holes on the lip of each lid, so that I could later string twine through for hanging.

And then out to the garage I went to give them all a quick coat of spray paint in a variety of colors.

Once they were dry, I pulled together some of my crafty supplies and tried to come up with a few ways to up the cuteness factor.

Using some craft paint, I added a little color blocking effect to a few of the lids.

I also added some washi tape to a few, which I could later pair with my clear tape and label maker.  The larger lids received different vinyl centers, which I just punched with a circle craft punch.

I didn't have the correct size punch for the smaller lids, so I ended up cutting some with my Silhouette.  You could also cut out letters for your labels with the Silhouette as well.  That thing rocks.

Here they are ready to be labeled and hung.

I decided to replace the tags on some of the baskets in my wrapping station.  I just loved the colors and effect so much!  Until I realized that my marker was dried up.  Sad face.  So, with the power of Photoshop, here is what the label could look like once I purchase a new marker.

Anyone else having fun DIY'ing cutesy labels?  What is the strangest product you have turned into an organizing object or label?

For these types of labeling projects, I recommend using an ultra fine point chalk marker similar to the one found here.

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