My "Go To" Organizing Supplies

Whenever I am trying to come up with organizing and storage solutions around our home, I naturally default to list of my all time favorite supplies.  There are definitely quite a few items that have just worked for us so well, that they re-appear time after time. 

When determining solutions for organizing, the main question I ask myself is, "Will I be able to use the item somewhere else should our needs change?"  Storage is an investment, therefore, I try and use items that will be able to serve us for the long haul.  Organizing needs change as life does, but I don't wish to go out and purchase new items every time that happens.  Many of the options I am showing you today, are items I selected because they can function for a variety of purposes.  Versatility is key for me.

Shall we get started?


What kind of organizing obsessed gal would I be if I didn't start out with my label maker?  I purchased this one, which I chatted all about here, but I just love this little thing to pieces.  Labeling is a big part of organizing by assigning belongings to a dedicated home and to ensure everyone is on the same page in getting those things back to their respective spots.  The label maker is the simple and easy way of labeling, as it prints out labels quickly on tape that sticks to anything!  It is far easier than getting crafty or printing from the computer, both of which I also love, but some days just call for easy peasy organizing.  My top areas of use are for file folders, cord labels and even travel toiletry bottles


Although I may need to break down and invest in a larger filing cabinet eventually, up to this point, majority of my daily papers are filed away within discbound notebooks and binders.  I love that they are simple to maintain, can be stored without taking up a lot of space and are always easy to access.  I just personally prefer a binder over digging through file folders, and it also allows us to keep our household details and budget in convenient areas of our home.  I also use them for my daily planning and blog planning.


With all of the labeling I do, I can't help but want to pop most of them into decorative label holders.  This protects the label and also finishes off the look of any organizing project.  They come in a variety of shapes of sizes, and you have seen them used all over our home.  Catch a full recap within this post here.


I found these bins at The Container Store a few years ago, and now they are my absolutely favorite bin to use when organizing.  Although they were initially created for files and papers, I find that they are perfect for that and so much more.  They are inexpensive, they come in a few different sizes, they are light weight, easy to label, easy to clean and they can be used to store just about anything!  I personally have used them for years inside of my freezer, and also to corral cleaning supplies under our bathroom sinks.


Bookcases win the most versatile furniture award.  I especially love making all of the different options from IKEA work hard for us around our home.  Pieced together, the BILLY bookcases work great for holding our games, movies and components in our living room.  Deeper options, like the BESTA, are combined to create our school cubby system.  In my office, the oh-so-vesatile EXPEDIT makes an appearance holding my daily supplies and equipment.  When flipped on their sides, the Expedit created a bench for our kid's playroom toy storage.  In our dressing room, a bookcase was the perfect solution for getting all of our exercise equipment off of the floor.  I have also seen these awesome pieces used as narrow shoe storage near a front door or at the end of an island in the kitche for cookbooks and small appliances.  There isn't much a bookcase can't do!


When it comes to organizing our dry foods, I have been a fan of using clear storage for years.  It allows us to quickly see what is left in our stock, and keeps our foods fresher for longer.  The containers I personally use are these, and they are lightweight and have held up great through multiple washings and a few years of use.  I also love how nicely they stack in our pantry, and make use of the vertical space.  These containers are also used under our sink to store dishwashing pods, and in our lunch cabinet as well. 


I am the kind of gal who will just toss things in a drawer and close it without looking back.  This can lead to drawers full of nonsense and create unnecessary rummaging and confusion down the line.  I have found that the best solution for me, is to give my necessities a specific place within a drawer divider.  That way I really have to think about what I am buying for a specific drawer, if I have room to store that item, and what I am putting back where.  It really has reduced my stash and dash problem, and overall has kept the majority of the drawers around our home pretty organized.  My favorite dividers are the clear acrylic stackable options, since I love to line drawers or create labels that show through.  These are also great for areas that require more cleaning and sanitation such as makeup and kitchen utensil drawers.  For other drawers, I haven't looked back since DIY'ing my own organizers out of cereal boxes.  Those were still one of my favorite projects to this day.


Another type of storage that appears numerous times around our home, are decorative office boxes.  My absolutely favorites are the KASSETT boxes from IKEA and these gift boxes from Paper Source.  I use the boxes to organize our cords, organize craft supplies in my studio and my son's room and to corral our small family games and decks of cards in our living room.  They also hold greeting cards, photos and so much more! 


In my quest to maximize spaces we are given, whether in our pantry, linen closet, coat closet or off-the-shelf armoire, sometimes that means adding in secondary storage.  Custom closets can cost a small fortune, so I like to add in drawer storage through a combination of bookshelves and bins, or by adding in a drawer unit.  I have personally purchased two types, the expensive and incredibly amazing Elfa system for my armoire closet, and the less expensive ALGOT for our under the stair storage.  I have loved both for different reasons, but mainly have become obsessed with them for the amount of storage I have gained in areas that once were less than functional.


I am sure this one needs little explanation, as mason jars have been used as versatile storage since the beginning of time.  However, they are used because they work!  I always have a stash on hand and use them for everything from vases to paint storage to holding sprinkles in my baking drawer.  They also make amazing craft storage and holders for cotton supplies in the bathroom.


Another obvious and versatile storage solution is hooks.  I typically prefer hooks in bathrooms over towel bars, because they don't require you to take the step of folding the towel nice and neat before hanging it.  They are perfect in the entry for coats and totes and they even work great in our boy's shared bedroom for setting out clothing.  I also love using them with a rail to hang craft supplies, or on the back of cabinets for small kitchen items.


I am seriously gaga over milk crate shaped baskets.  I lovity love 'em!  I use them to act as drawers and to conceal clutter in my work area and at the top of the stairs for the items we take up and down.  They can hold piles of magazines in the office, toys in the living room or blankets at the end of a couch.  They look great, are timeless and fit almost any area that requires some storage.  If I am going to have a few baskets laying around to corral random clutter, you can bet these are the ones I go to {I typically find great options at Target, and the bonus is that many fit the Expedit bookcase}.


I use these everywhere!  They are so great for organizing small groupings of items that are best used in a few different areas of the home.  I typically snag up these bins at Target during their picnic seasonal release and I have found them in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  My favorite ways to use these puppies are as caddies for art supplies, for cleaning items and for dog grooming gear.  


This final one is one I haven't actually tried yet, which is surprising I know, but I have seen so many success stories that it was totally worth mentioning.  Shoe pocket organizers are inexpensive, maximize the space on the back of a door, and can be used to hold just about anything you wish.  I have seen them used for shoes, outdoor supplies like dog leashes, sunglasses, hats, mittens, sunscreen and bug spray, to hold kitchen gadgets and for organizing hair and clothing accessories in the closet.  My bloggy pal, Courtney, even uses them on the backs of her bathroom cabinets to hold bathroom supplies.  The ways they can be used truly are endless.

Sorry for the information overload, there are just so many great options that came to mind, I couldn't help but over share.  Now that I have spilled my top organizing tools and storage options, I must know yours!  What makes your organizing heart happy? 

Over the door organizer image found here.

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