Reader Space: Gettin' Peggy With It!

Pegboard systems have been an organizing dream tool for ages now, but for me, they never get old.  In fact, this girl has two different ones in the works that I am really excited about!

Did you know that you can achieve instant bliss by looking at an organized pegboard?  Well, get ready to get peggy with it, because today's reader space shows how a pegboard can rock as easy to access vertical craft storage. 

I am excited to introduce you to Heidi of Honeybear Lane!  She created the most beautiful pegboard system that I have ever seen.  And I couldn't wait to invite her over to spread the awesomeness with you!  Here she is now!

What is the main function of this space?

"It is a crafting area, and I have TONS of crafting supplies.  I was really sick of everything being all over the place and I had this huge blank wall.  Obviously, an enormous pegboard was the only solution."

Any superstar tips for keeping it organized?

"Since I spent a long time laying out the initial organization, the upkeep is extremely minimal.  Just put stuff back where you got it, and since it is right there, it is all so easy to find."

What items did you find were essential when organizing this space, and why?

"I had to have a giant thread organizer because I was keeping my thread in an obnoxious box that constantly got messed up and tangled.  I also wanted all my scissors and rotary cutters to have their own hook.  The greatest thing that holds everything up is a simple pegboard hardware kit that you can buy at Home Depot, I actually ended up using two sets.  I also incorporated the IKEA kitchen buckets which hold my paintbrushes and markers."

What did you do to "Make it Pretty"?

"I started with the thread holder and I have a lot of thread - but I actually bought a lot more in every color so it could be all color coded and pretty.  Then I decided to display my paint and glitter collections since they were also rainbow colored.  This ended up being perfect because now they are out where I can easily find them, know what colors I have, and their beautiful colors really pop on the white board!  I also used a large thrifted frame that I sprayed aqua to hold my vinyl."

What items did you DIY to stay on a budget?

"I added the giant frame around the whole thing which makes it feel more like a work of art rather than a utilitarian pegboard - and it was super easy!  I also added some C-shaped screws to the thrifted frame and cut dowels to size to hold the vinyl.  We used two cleats to hang the entire thing on the wall."

How has this project impacted your life for the better?

"My craft area still gets messy frequently because I still need more organization in other areas, but it is so nice that there are certain things that always stay organized and in good condition.  I wish I could use pegboards everywhere!"

So functional, so simple, so gorgeous!  Take a moment to check out all of the supplies this single board holds: craft paints, glitter, spools of threads, vinyl rolls, gift wrap, cutting tools, paint brushes, pens and other miscellaneous supplies. I can only imagine the amount of desk space and storage boxes that have been saved by this little project.  And the fact that everything is out in the open, easy to access and simple to put away, sets her right up for success!  I have learned first hand that the more steps you have to take to put something back, the less likely it is to happen.  That is what makes this system such a huge win!  Oh, and I would totally organize everything in rainbow order as well.  That is just one more thing this color lovin' gal adores about this sweet little system!

A huge thank you to Heidi for letting me share her oh-so-organized pegboard project!  You can check out more photos and all of the details on her blog here, and a DIY tutorial of how she built the pegboard frame here.

Who else is gettin' jiggy with pegboard?  Tools?  Craft supplies?  Cleaning supplies?  What is your favorite way to use this super versatile organizing solution?

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