Monthly Clean Home Challenge: Wash Windows

Welcome back to the Monthly Clean Home Challenge daily task!  I am on a quest to maintain a clean and organized home in less time and the goal is simple; four daily tasks, four weekly tasks and one additional quick task each week day. 

In no particular order, here are the individual tasks I am tackling each day this month:
  1. Make cleaning supplies
  2. Cycle clean appliances
  3. Clean out cars
  4. Clean out microwave
  5. Wipe down cabinets/appliances
  6. Wipe down trim/doors
  7. Clean out one drawer
  8. Clean out fridge
  9. Clean out freezer
  10. Vacuum under furniture
  11. Vacuum mattresses
  12. Clean oven
  13. Clean out one closet
  14. Wash out garbage can/recycle bin
  15. Wash windows
  16. Scrub grout
  17. Clean out one cabinet
  18. File paper piles
  19. Purge bathroom toiletries
  20. Clean out pantry

Today I am chatting about the extra task:  Wash Windows

I am not gonna lie; I only wash my windows once per month.  I used to do it weekly, however, our windows don't seem to get that dirty that quickly.  Especially during winter months when our windows really aren't used or touched.  With the exception of our patio door.  That thing is always looking like it was attacked by dog slobber, sticky fingers and slung yogurt and gets cleaned on demand.  So, although we clean our mirrors, tables and other glass around the home that collects dust on a weekly basis, the windows are a once per month task.  Remember, I am all about doing less in less time.

Last year I discovered glass polishing rags, and I have never looked back.  Each time I use one I am amazed at the results, especially considering there are no chemicals necessary.  In fact, all you need is water {I used distilled}.  I found the rags on Amazon and at Target in the cleaning aisle.

For today's cleaning task, I also brought back out the cleaning spray I used to wash the doors and trim last week {1 cup distilled water, 1 tbsp lemon castile soap, 10 drops lemon essential oil}.

Twice per year we remove all of the screens and wash the inside and outside of our windows really well.  This is not one of those times, as I am unable to wash our exterior windows during our cold months without everything freezing up.

We have a total of 8 windows, and at about 1-2 minutes each, today's task came in just under 15 minutes.

I started by using the soap mix to spray down the window trim and moulding.

Using a microfiber rag, I wipe everything down including the window jam.

I then fold my microfiber rag into a point so that I can use my claw hands to really get into the crevasses of the window.

Next I spray the windows with the distilled water.

And wipe them clean with my glass polishing rag.

The polishing rag is not very absorbent, so I follow up with a dry microfiber rag just to dry the windows quickly and prevent streaking.

I have tried many different glass cleaners and methods {newspaper, coffee filters, vinegar}, but this water/polishing rag combo is by far my favorite!  So easy!

See you tomorrow!

Looking for something?  Check out my favorite cleaning products below:

These are all cleaners/products that work for us and our current home finishes.  It is important to research the cleaners prior to using them on your specific counter and flooring selections.

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