Menu Chalkboards

We are so excited about the item we are introducing in our shop today! We have been working out the details on this item as well as the one we are introducing next week for what feels like forever and we are so thrilled to be finally offer these menu chalkboards in our shop.

These handmade and framed chalkboards are a fun way to display your family's upcoming meal. They also would be a great display piece at a dinner party or wedding! The frame is hand stained in a weathered gray. The word menu is permanent but the rest of the chalkboard is meant to be used and erased as needed. You can use regular chalk or a chalk pen (although if you use a chalk pen be prepared that some pens leave "ghost marks").

As with all chalkboards we recommend "seasoning" it first. That basically just means to use the side of a piece of chalk and cover the chalkboard vertically and then horizontally with chalk and then wipe it off. This helps fill in all the porous holes and helps prevent the first thing you write from being "burned into the chalkboard and not erase as well.

I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!

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