Fun Ways To Organize With Washi Tape

Calling all fellow Washi Tape addicts!  Today's post is for you! 

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my recent Washi Tape delivery on Instagram, and it sparked quite a few questions.  What is washi tape?  Where can you purchase it?  And what in the world do I use it for?!

First, Washi Tape is essentially a thin decorative tape which can be used for just about everything and anything your heart wishes.  The part of the appeal is that not only is it colorful and pretty, it also can be removed from most surfaces at any time without leaving any sticky residue.

As far as where I purchase Washi Tape, it really depends.  I am finding that it is becoming more and more available at both small boutiques and at large retailers.  I also purchase online from WishyWashi and CuteTape as well as from numerous Etsy sellers.

But how about the fun stuff?!  Ready to see a few shining examples of how you can incorporate Washi Tape into your everyday organizing projects?

Labels!  The easiest way to label just about anything, is by tearing a piece of tape and pairing it with a marker.  Done and done!  So easy!  I use Washi Tape to label shelves, boxes and even my cleaning bottles.

Keep a roll of Washi Tape near the fridge and freezer and place it on containers of leftovers to indicate the current food freshness date.


Wrap a piece of Washi Tape around your electronic cords to identify the item that the cord should be paired to, or which member of the family the cord belongs to.


Pair a piece of Washi Tape with an old magnetic strip to create a decorative way to display notes and photos on the side of your fridge or filing cabinet.


Purchase inexpensive pencils and notepads from the dollar store and cover them in Washi Tape to turn them into a pretty addition to your daily workspace.


Wrap a few pieces of tape around boring hangers to give them new life.  You can also do this to identify hangers that belong to specific members of the family or that serve specific functions.


Tape out a grid on your wall or corkboard to create a monthly calendar, which works well when combined with colorful Post-it notes.


Upcycle soup cans and food containers as storage by wrapping them in a mixture of tape colors and patterns.  


Pair Washi Tape with everyday clothes pins and you have instant decorative clips which are perfect for sealing bags of snacks in the pantry, or add a magnet to the backs and use them to pin up important messages to the family.

One of my most favorite uses for Washi Tape is to label the tabs of my file folders.  A strip of tape across the tab paired with a label printed from my label maker and work just got that much happier.

I also use it to create tabs which mark pages of scribbles within my notebooks.  Now I can quickly find all of those random thoughts I jot down each day!

Wrap old prescription bottles with Washi Tape and toss them in your purse or handbag to corral small items such as a nail clippers, safety pins and hair ties.

How darling is a calendar with the addition of a few pieces of Washi?  I use it all of the time within my daily planner to give me a visual of appointments, travel and commitments that last for a duration of days. 


Use Washi Tape to mark your keys by type, which will give you quick identification of house key vs. file drawer key vs. shed key, etc....

Last but not least, add a piece of Washi Tape to butterfly clips to lend a playful vibe to daily paperwork organization.

And if you are looking for ways to actually organize the rolls of Washi Tape, I am still loving the dispenser I created here.

OK friends!  There are fifteen super simple and darling ways to utilize the oh-so-popular Washi Tape within your daily organizing projects.  Do you see how the fabulous colors and patterns just make everything that much better?  Everyday envelopes, boxes, containers and office supplies become cheerful in a jif!

How have you used the trendy tape within your organizing projects lately?

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