10 Minute Fall Decorating: Gold "Leaf" Wall Art

Last month I shared how I did a simple 10 minute project to create a fabulous new desk tray.  The 10 minute decorating series is hosted by my good friend, Laura of Finding Home, because she believes that creating a comfortable home doesn't have to take hours of your time.  That sometimes it is those quick and simple projects that leave you grinning as large as those ten hour projects do.

This time around the challenge was to not only find a way to decorate an area of our home within 10 minutes, it had to be related to autumn as well.

I love to do simple things around the home with the changing of the new season; things like bringing out warmer blankets and throws, swapping out sleeveless shirts with sweaters inside of my closet, and stocking up on hot apple cider and cinnamon sticks.  Truthfully, as much as I sincerely appreciate the beautiful scenery and color changes outside, I like to keep my spring / summer color scheme rockin' inside all year round.   This year, however, I decided to make some very minor updates around our home to embrace the cooler seasons ahead.  I am not typically drawn to reds, browns and oranges, but I am very much in love with plum as of late.  A pretty deep purple color not only can be found within our autumn landscape, it also works beautifully with my existing color scheme of blues, greens and pinks.

So when it came time to work on this challenge, I knew that my "go to" fall colors would be plum and gold.  The next step was to decide which area of our home was going to receive a little autumn lovin',  and I landed on a set of picture frames that hang in our dining room / kitchen area.  I typically change out the art every few months to keep things interesting, so this was the perfect opportunity to run with an autumn inspired 10 minute decorating project.

Previously I had some inexpensive IKEA artwork living in gold spray painted frames.  Time to mix things up a bit!

For the project, I started with very basic supplies including:

I began the project by printing a few special fall quotes onto some thicker printer paper.  You can download the free PDF I created with the quotes here.  

Next, I placed a sexy blue glove on my hand.... Rub 'n Buff can get messy, yo!

Using one hand to carefully hold down the artificial leaf, I went around the exterior of the leaf with the Rub n' Buff while pushing outward from the leaf onto the paper.

Final step is to place the artwork inside of the frames and pop them up onto the wall!

Seriously, SO easy and the gold glitters just beautifully in the sunshine coming in through the nearby patio door.

I also switched out the orchid vase for something taller and more lively and paired it with a scale of fresh orchard apples.  Now... where is the hot cider?

This month an entire crew of creatives participated in the 10 minute decorating challenge and you can find all of their projects linked below.  Enjoy and happy decorating!






And we also want for YOU to join in with us!  Just share your projects with us via instagram using the hashtag #10minutedecorating and we will all be checking in to see what you talented blog readers are up to!

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