Happy Fall!

We are so excited that fall is here! I tried to add some more traditional fall colors in our kitchen and family room the other day but while I was doing it I stopped midway through. I wasn't liking how it looked at all and I had been wanting to paint the room for a little while now to match the rest of the house so I ended up doing something kind of crazy and stopped what I was doing and started painting the whole room - haha! Unfortunately it is a huge task, so I've spent the last week painting all the trim and windows in here Simply White to match the rest of the house and then all the doors Mopboard Black like the rest of the house and then the walls Horizon. I can't wait to take some photos to share soon! I still need to paint the cabinets but I haven't decided whether I want to go with a darker gray than they are (you can barely even tell they are gray right now) or just go with white. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Anyway here are the last handful of photos I took in this room right before I started painting.

So, that's the last picture of our mantel and trim with the London Fog paint color.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! I'll be back tomorrow.

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