Reader Space: A Brilliantly Organized Bath

Bathrooms are not typically known for the size that they boast.  In fact, they are a high traffic room yet one of the smallest in the home.  How do you make the most of the bathroom's storage and functionality?

Sarah shares her love for parenting, organization and decor over on her blog, An Inviting Home.  And my goodness, her title is beyond perfect because her darling home is just that, inviting!  Oh, and she also has five kiddos running around that amazing home.  I can see why organization ranks so high for her!

Sarah recently updated her bathroom and aside from the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous with happy and shiny finishes, it is also smartly organized and functional.  I had to know more about the little touches she added to make the bathroom work hard for their family.

What is the main function of this space?

"Since this is our main level bathroom it is a space that gets used a lot.  It is the bathroom that our guests use when hanging out in our home and with five little tornadoes roaming the grounds (aka: our kids!) there is a LOT of hand washing going down."

Any superstar tips for keeping it organized?

"From the cabinet to the storage behind the mirror... all of the essentials have a place to be.  I used things around our home that weren't being used to organize the cleaning supplies.  An old towel holder now is home for the gloves to hang and dry and I shopped Target's dollar section for a cute container to hold feminine products."

What items did you find were essential when organizing the space, and why?

"There were some key things that we wanted to be present in order to create an inviting bathroom for guests.  Some of those things were having extra toilet paper easily on hand, matches to freshen the air, and labeling anything that could be confusing to someone who is visiting our home for the first time... like the door that needs to be double checked to make sure that it latched."

What did you do to go the extra mile and "Make it Pretty"?

"It was interesting getting to pick out bathroom finishes for the first time.  I kept thinking that in 20 years anyone and everyone was going to hate whatever we picked out.  I tried not to let that stop me from picking out finishes that we loved. I also tried to keep things somewhat neutral.  I fell in love with those faux wood looking porcelain tiles, the sleek sink & cabinet from IKEA and I also really like how the backsplash adds some glam.  Since we kept most of the finishes neutral it was nice to add in a few decor items to bring in some pops of color."

What items did you DIY to stay on a budget?

"We completed the entire room as one giant DIY project.  Our budget covered materials alone which came in just under $2000.00.  That included gutting the room down to the studs, replacing the window, adding an exhaust fan, ceiling light and then putting all of the new finishes in including a higher toilet.  The project took 4 weeks and we worked alongside my dad who used to work as a general contractor.  His labor of love made it possible for us to learn new things along the way and be able to afford the project (and pay cash!) using some money that we had saved."

How has this space impacted your life for the better?

"We now have a beautiful bathroom in our home that fits our style and is clean, organized and welcoming to guests... and most of all it is super functional for our family of seven.  We absolutely love it!" 

And for the WOW of a before and after:

Such a stunning difference!  And how about all of those little touches that make it even better?

  • That pull out stool for the kiddos had me at hello.  My jaw had to be scraped off of my keyboard, because I just couldn't get over the awesome idea.  Rooms with hidden function are always really big winners!
  • Sarah really considered her guest's needs in this space.  I have to admit; I have put some personal touches on our guest bath but completely overlooked our main bath, which receives far more use from people passing through.  Thanks to this feature, I am inspired to make some tweaks to make the room more comfortable for the guests that are just "stopping by".
  • A simple hook on the side of the sink provides handy towel storage.
  • How about under the sink?  A towel holder for rubber gloves?  Genius!
  • I adore that Sarah labeled the tray, which holds her sponges.  No confusing which sponge cleans which portion of the bathroom.  Super smart!

I would say this makeover was four weeks of well spent time and money!  The transformation is striking and amazing functionality was added. 

If you are looking for more photos, sources and project details, you can check out her blog here.

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